Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rod Stewart Caricature--Fan Comment

The following was received from Vickie--a True Rod Stewart Fan

Hi Artist, I appreciate your depiction of Rod Stewart, but he's not nearly rock and roll enough, he needs short spikey blonde hair, and black leather clothes, or jeans with black or gray shirt. The only time he's ever worn green clothing was for a video about 10 years ago.

He does wear alot of jackets in yellow or pink with black slacks.
Thanks for your talent!

We heard you, and "The Artist" is collecting material to create another rendering of our beloved ROD. 

NOTE:  This caricature of ROD was created approximately ten years ago.

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  1. Donna, another Rod Stewart fan, writes:

    Hello...I saw your drawing of Rod Stewart on the Smiler site. I think you are truly gifted and talented because of how you drew his face (his face looks absolutely perfect). Please forgive me for saying this, but, his hair style is just not right. The hair color is lovely, but the style is just wrong. If anything, I expected it to be really spikey all over and exaggerated. Is there any chance you might do another with his "signature" hair. BTW, I am in no way qualified as an art critic, I'm just a Rod fan for 35 years. Sincerely, Donna


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