Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don Howard - Missy Being Missy--Saga of Missy The Dog

Missy, wondering  “when did you say we were going to the Dog Park?”, which is her all time favorite outing.  This activity was initially started to "teach Miss Missy some manners".   Lately, I'm beginning to wonder who is being taught!  It has gotten to the point where Mr. Howard was reluctant to use the words “Dog Park” so he started referring to it as “the DP”, which worked for a minute!  He notes that Missy is content to lie outside his studio door most of the time, basking in the knowledge that sooner or later, he will emerge and she will hear those long awaited for words “DP Missy?”,  knowing that if she was good (or not), there would be a treat from the local market (Beggin’ Strips;  Beef Jerkey) or the like.

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