Friday, September 3, 2010

Don Howard Presents Waylon Jennings "The Highwaymen"

Waylon Arnold Jennings is the first in the series of The Highwaymen by Artist Don Howard with promise to follow with Willie, Johnny and Kris.
This rendition of Waylon is done in a style that is just a bit different from Don’s usual offerings (let me know your thoughts on this style), but we like it and I am encouraging him to create other Celebrity Caricature Greats in this style and “I” made a special trip to Hobby Lobby to buy “that good paper” so he can get started—he prefers Michaels—I like Hobby Lobby. I guess it paid off because he has recently started on a series of Blues Greats (Memphis Slim; remake of Bessie Smith; and Junior Wells who worked with the great Buddy Guy—maybe I can put Buddy and Junior together) that will make their “grand debut” in an art show that Don has scheduled with a local university in February 2011—more about that later. But I digress—back to Waylon.
As I said earlier, this Waylon will be followed by the other Highwaymen, so you’ll want to collect all four. Waylon has always been a favorite of mine and I loved him as the narrator of The Dukes of Hazards .
Although we’re offering them in two different sizes—trust me’ You’ll want to collect ALL OF THE HIGHWAYMEN in the 11x14 size! [posted by Dorothy]

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  1. I really like this print. When do you expect to have the other three--Willie, Johnny, Kris completed?


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