Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don Howard Celebrity Caricatures - A Blast From The Past

Don Howard was commissioned to refurbish the R. E. Nelms Elks Lodge No. 977 on Pulaski Pike, Huntsville, AL, in 2000. The following are excerpts from an article by Ben Johnson for The Huntsville Times:
The lodge walls feature scenes from Egypt. Pillars, sconces and other decorative touches enhance the look. Howard hand-painted the walls, doors and other areas to give them a three-dimensional look. The simulated wall blocks are the same size as in Egyptian pyramids, he says. His meticulous research yielded the proper dimensions and look. The artwork of the ancient Egyptians has been a favorite of his since he was a child.
“I want to do this project in this manner because I love the style, and the building and the organization lend themselves to the style,” says Howard. “I am satisfied with the illusion I have completed. When you come into the lodge, you have the sense that you’re in Egypt. The interior represents not just one huge canvas, but a representation of three-dimensional structures done in classical Egyptian style.”
The Lodge’s new look seems to please Elks members and patrons alike. . . It’s wonderful, beautiful, marvelous, fantastic,” said the DJ- - - “Those are the only words I know. I’m a country boy. If I knew more, I would use them, too.”

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