Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don Howard Celebrity Caricatures - Testimonials

I would like to share this story with the artist, Mr. Howard. Four years ago my son John passed away from cancer. He left five children. John's greatest love second to his family was snowboarding. He loved music and grew up listening to Ray Charles (my favorite). When he was sick I used to take his six year old son for rides, and the first thing he did in the car was press the button to hear Ray Charles sing "America the Beautiful" and sang along with it. His fourteen year old son was always playing Louis Armstrong's "It's a Wonderful World". After asking them what their Dad's favorite song was, they unanimously yelled out "Pink Houses" by Mellencamp. I got these three artists prints a year ago, had them framed and gave them as birthday gifts. They loved them! John was buried on a little island in Maine, and at graveside, among others, these three songs were played. Thanks to Mr. Howard's talent and affordable prices, I was able to give my grandsons a meaningful gift they will always treasure.  Thank you again Mr. Howard.
Susan Hunnewell

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